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We’re open till 9pm this evening, serving food throughout. Roast Monkfish, Long Pepper & Guinea Fowl Curry, Tamworth Belly & Brown Crab Meat Claypot and a couple Grilled Dexter Foreribs are on the menu. @kayiannahatzimanolaki will be playing her favourite records too. Happy New Year from the Kiln team.31 . Dec . 17

We've got a couple of grilled fish dishes on this evening. If your in early on we have lemon sole. Later on we will be slow grilling these Striped Red Mullet, stuffed with an aromatic curry paste.

1 . Sept . 17

Riesling 'Le Dragon' inspired by the local legend of a dragon which fought the sun, lost and retreated to the cave at the top of the Drachenloch vineyard, right where this wine is grown. Josmeyer is an Alsace legend, we are pouring from magnums by the glass this evening. @bittenwritten

31 . Aug . 17

Chefs @zioelias and @insta_albhave a southern style dry curry of chicken liver with bitter herbs on the menu this evening.

30 . Aug . 17

Jungle curry of John Dory on today. Aromatic, fragrant and pungent we make the paste each day to suit what fish is available. John Dory has such a good dense meaty flavour it works really well in dishes with a lot of heat and aroma.

29 . Aug . 17

Bank Holiday Sunday & monday 1pm - 9pm . We always have 20 odd wines by the glass if your up for exploring . Thanks to @niall_russell for the photograph.

27 . Aug . 17

Some stunning pink bream in from kernow sashimi this morning. Also Ike jime killed gilt head bream. Ike Jime is a Japanese technique where the fish is quickly and accurately killed whilst separating the spinal column from the brain. This means the toxins released from the nerve system are less likely to enter the flesh. These fish can then be kept for longer so the umami flavour builds without loss of flesh quality. Once went to a demonstration of the technique years ago with @thecornwallproject and delighted to see it in action.

25 . Aug . 17

Bringing a few more sacrificial lambs from the home collection his morning. Feel bad dropping them off to a short hard life of constant wear, finger prints and being marinaded in spilt orange wine. We've got Mingus, speed glue and shinki and some Congolese psychedelic rumba.

21 . Aug . 17

Stir fried cockles with fragrant lemongrass tops which are grown in Cornwall for us by @goodearthgrowers . We're open 1pm - 8pm straight through today and we have some more fantastic red mullet on the menu. Thanks to @insta_alb for the photograph

20 . Aug . 17

Red Sea Bream Grilled Whole for lunch.

18 . Aug . 17

Laos Style Pollock, Chilli & Roasted Rice Laap on the menu this evening along with Stir Fried Squid with Garlic Chives and a couple of Whole Grilled Lemon Sole if you get in quick! Thanks for the photo @panasianlili

17 . Aug . 17

Jungle Curry of guinea fowl from Phetchaburi. This dish originates from an old trading city south west of Bangkok. First you get the aroma from kaffir lime, then pungency of fermented shrimp paste and finally the heat from the birds eye chilli. The guinea fowl are slow over charcoal before being fried with the curry paste and the each portion of curry is then built and seasoned in the woks over a low heat Tao barbecue.

15 . Aug . 17

Some fantastic plaice being grilled whole this evening. Always stunning fish from @kernowsashimi

14 . Aug . 17

Sundays 1pm - 8pm straight through and we have lobsters, plaice and 20 + wines by the glass. Lovely photo by @forkandstory

13 . Aug . 17

Slow Grilled Red Mullet, wild mussels sour turmeric curry, jungle curry of Brill and Cornish lobster stir fried with curried egg all on the fish section for lunch today. Thanks to @jknappett for the photograph.

12 . Aug . 17

A few more Cornish native lobsters with curried egg on for lunch today

11 . Aug . 17

And here's the rest of today's lunch menu. My approach would be spiny lobster and red mullet with a glass of Grosset Polish Hill, then the guinea fowl curry with shobbrook Clariot and some stir fried Cornish greens. (And I'd probably arrive at 2.15 so I didn't have to wait).

10 . Aug . 17

... and when the mullet are gone we'll grill these small John Dory and serve with a green chilli dipping sauce.

9 . Aug . 17

Stiff striped mullet, stuffed with a aromatic and herbal paste made with their roe and slow grilled on this evening until we run out...

9 . Aug . 17

The lowly grey mullet, thanks to @kernowsashimi these are sparkling fresh. They have a slightly muddy flavour which means they don't make the grade in a lot of European places but we love to eat them the way Thais prize freshwater catfish and perch for their earthy flavours alongside bitter herbs and very spicy green chillies.

8 . Aug . 17

Sour Turmeric Curry of Cod Cheeks, from Northern Thailand. The fresh Green Lemongrass from @goodearthgrowers in Cornwall is infused into the curry through simmering, giving it a bright citrus aroma.

7 . Aug . 17

Our Head Chef @toufas is just back from Greece and has put on some great seafood dishes this weekend. Steamed cockles, Stir Fried Squid, Wild Mussels and Whole Grilled John Dory are on the menu today.

5 . Aug . 17

Couple of our favourite winemakers anton klopper and tom shobbrook came by for lunch with @winemakersclub and @bittenwritten last week. Anton brought some mind expanding new stuff with him, which was cool. Excited about these landing on the list in a couple of months.

1 . Aug . 17

Really lovely to be included in the monocle magazine favourite 50 restaurants today. Thank you and congratulations to @therivercafelondon @burntends_sg 
@bolanbangkok @bardouro

31 . Jul . 17

Sundays 1pm - 8pm straight through. Claypots, seafood and all wines by the glass always. Photography skills @mattthelist.

30 . Jul . 17

The view from the others side of the pass last night. On for lunch we have Cornish mackerel dry red curry, northern style pork Laap and miang of wild salmon and sour fruit . Thanks to @jenniferasutcliffe for the photograph

27 . Jul . 17

Whole slow grilled lemon sole back on for lunch today. Thanks to @cha_eatery for the photograph

26 . Jul . 17

Claypot noodles and whiting laos style Laap, lovely photo by @olaosmit

25 . Jun . 17

Tonight's menu, complete with kitchen notes. So now you know that the pork Skewers are back on and there's only 10 banana leaf roast skate in the house!

24 . Jun . 17

Stir fried beef with Holy basil and crispy egg on tonight

21 . Jul . 17

Nice shot of our Tao barbecues by @cha_eatery

19 . Jul . 17

Sour curry of Dorset papaya from @lukiefarrell and ground pouting from @kernowsashimi on today

18 . Jul . 17

Serving 1pm - 8pm straight through today. We have steamed cockles with tamarind, razor clams, red curry stuffed striped mullet and some cured bream miang . Thanks to @radishnow for the photograph

16 . Jul . 17

Slow grilled little red mullet from @kernowsashimi with fragrant red curry paste on tonight. My second favourite fish ever.

15 . Jul . 17

Perfect pink bream in from @wildharbour and gilt head bream from @kernowsashimi . On for lunch.

14 . Jul . 17

A Dorset delivery of Thai produce from @lukiefarrell . Really fragrant kaffir, papayas and sour fruits. Plus facing heaven chillies and a type of orange chilli that I don't really know anything about.

13 . Jul . 17

Whelks in from @kernowsashimi. More than anything they really taste of the sea. Chef nick is working a curry to serve with these today.

12 . Jul . 17

Welcome to London @eaterlondon Serving Sai Oua Northern Thai Sausage at this evenings event.

11 . Jul . 17

Our Wild Ginger Burmese style curry, with pork belly today. We use a pickled freshwater fish to make the paste for extra tastiness. And the southern jungle curry of guinea fowl is back on tonight too.

11 . Jul . 17

Chef @maxdahlgren is on the pass today and seafood is what makes him tick (check his instagram if you don't believe me). Today he's got raw Cornish turbot with lemon basil and stir fried baby quid with soy, white pepper and garlic chive.

9 . Jul . 17

This is an aged lamb and Cumin skewer (photo by @clarges ) and we're serving these, really fresh and sweet baby squid and cockles steamed with tamarind 1pm - 8pm straight through

9 . Jul . 17

Some people really enjoyed their selves at Pride yesterday and decided to dress chef Michele as a sailor for the evening service. Didn't see that coming.

9 . Jul . 17

@kayiannahatzimanolaki has made strawberry kombucha for days like this

8 . Jul . 17

Slow grilling velvet crabs, a small native type of swimmer crab with sweet flesh. These are from Mylor off the Fal river in Cornwall, thanks to @wildharbour . New dish on soon.

7 . Jul . 17

Slow Grilled Chicken with Soy. Kinda like the soya chicken dishes you get in every chinatown. (But completely different). Photo by @nataliejmt

6 . Jul . 17

@gothelneyfarmer Tamworths doing a bit of sunbathing yesterday

6 . Jul . 17

Cured wild salmon with orange chilli and snake beans

5 . Jul . 17

Clay pot noodle with brown crab, pork belly and a 30 yr old sxiaosing wine. Action shot from @thinkingfood247

5 . Jul . 17

Stir Fried Beef with Holy Basil and a crispy fried egg on this evening

3 . Jul . 17

Sai Oua, a smoked northern Thai herbal sausage on today. The kind of thing you pick up on the side of road headed for hills out of chiang Mai. Ours are made with our Tamworth pigs and slow grilled over charcoal. Sunday service is 1pm - 8pm straight through. Thanks to @minismore for the photograph.

2 . Jul . 17

Today’s lunch : slow grilled horse Mackerel, barbecued Jowl with Tamarind, Grilled Cuckoo Wray and stir fried beef heart. And, of course, claypot noodles. Photo by @hungry_fifi

1 . Jul . 17

Chef Sara on the woks last night, thanks to @keepicks for the photograph

29 . Jun . 17

On the menu tonight... Steamed Cockles with Tamarind & Grilled Ray and Eel Salad

27 . Jun . 17

Awesome photos by @benjaminmcmahon of last nights @chefdavidthompson event 
@somsaa_london + @beggingbowl 
Cheers for having us 

27 . Jun . 17

In the kitchen with the inspiration that is David Thompson, 
@somsaa_london and @beggingbowl 
@londonfoodmonth . All rather excited

26 . Jun . 17

1pm - 8pm straight through today and these langoustines cured with kaffir lime and young ginger along with whole lemon sole, skate wing roast in banana leaves and turbot jungle curry in the fish section. Photo by @myhygge

25 . Jun . 17

Kitchen open 12 - 2.30, 5 - 10.30 on Saturdays. Photo @weeatw1

24 . Jun . 17

Purple Radishes in this morning from @goodearthgrowers in Cornwall.

23 . Jun . 17

Northern Style Pork Laap on this evening. Traditionally from the Lanna region of Northern Thailand which was one of the main spice routes to China. Cheers for the shot @grubstance

22 . Jun . 17

Beautiful Wild Salmon in this morning. On the menu tonight.

21 . June . 17

Grilled Razor Clam with Green Nahm Jim on for dinner.

20 . Jun . 17

Plaice, Chilli & Roasted Rice Laap on for lunch today. Cheers for the shot @clarges

19 . Jun . 17

This is the right idea for a Sunday. We are serving right through till 8pm.

18 . Jun . 17

Nice shot of our chopped beef Laap with macquwan (a northern Thai relative of Sichuan peppercorns) by @amyandfood

16 . Jun . 17

Stir Fried Cod Cheeks With Banana Chilli on the menu for tonight.

14 . Jun . 17

We are so proud to have been voted number 9 in the top 100 restaurant awards last night. @restaurantmagazine ....Couldn't have done it without the help from our great suppliers @goodearthgrowers @ongtana 
@philipwarrens  @wildharbour 
@kernowsashimi @thecornwallproject 
and huge thanks to 
@bittenwritten @lukiefarrell

13 . Jun . 17

So we wheeled out the old barrel smoker from the cellar of @smokinggoatsoho and did some R & D barbecued pork shoulder in the sunshine @sohofoodfeast .

12 . Jun . 17

Bloody hell, you guys really like Laap @sohofoodfeast

11 . Jun . 17

Serving a Northern Duck and Pork Laap at Soho Food Feast today.

11 . Jun . 17

Exicited to be cooking with David Thompson (he of Nahm, the granddaddy of Thai food) at Som Saa and with the Begging Bowl guys too. Kind of a big deal. Tickets go live midday today here : . Thanks to London Food Month for putting it together and @personality___crisis for the artwork

10 . Jun . 17

Got a few of these native lobsters from @wildharbour on for lunch today. Be quick.

10 . Jun . 17

Laos style smoked beef and turnip soup on tonight. Smokey, spicy and aromatic.

9 . Jun . 17

Wild Sea Trout lightly cured with kaffir lime and bitter herbs

9 . Jun . 17

Huge, sweet spiny lobster landed in Helstone in Cornwall yesterday. On the menu tonight. We don't have many, they're a bit of a treat.

8 . Jun . 17

Stir fried skate cheek with wild ginger and green peppercorns, new to the menu this evening.

7 . Jun . 17

And the chilli plants are doing well @goodearthgrowers

6 . Jun . 17

Visiting @goodearthgrowers this morning to see how the Asian produce their growing for us is coming along. The left two beds is about a week's worth of lemongrass for the restaurant. Good thing we have a few acres of tunnels to work with.

6 . Jun . 17

Sundays 1pm - 8pm straight through. This is last nights wild mushroom Isaan style nam dtok on the menu today along side some whole grilled John Dory, a Mackerel stir fried curry and northern style beef heart Laap. Thanks to @pixieeats for the photo

4 . Jun . 17

Kaffir lime cured langostine and a northern Thai herbal smoked sausage, shot by @hollow_legs

3 . Jun . 17

These John Dory are the best I've seen of this awesome fish. Eat them stuffed with a fragrant paste of lemongrass and galangal, slowly grilled over charcoal.

2 . Jun . 17

Lunch menu featuring banana leaf roast skate, jungle curry of Brill and curry fried quail.

2 . Jun . 17

Picked last night, on the grill this afternoon

1 . Jun . 2017

Whole grilled lemon sole from @wildharbour on the barbecue today. We're serving 12pm - 8pm straight through

29 . May . 17

1pm - 8pm straight through on a Sunday. And we're open for bank holiday Monday tomorrow too. Photo @weeatw1

28 . May 17

Eco-Warrior Riesling from Rudolf Trossen. Great at taming the heat in some of our spicier dishes. Selected for us by @bittenwritten

27 . May . 17

Wild Turbot in this morning.

26 . May . 17

This angel hair lobster pasta thing with langoustine stock is the truth. Go to @westernslaundry from the guys @menuprimeur ... there's nowhere you'll leave quite as happy as these places.

25 . May . 17

Kiln basking in the sun this afternoon.

25 . May . 17

Whole quail wok fried with mouse shit chillies, fermented shrimp and loads of young galangal. Very spicy. On the menu tonight

24 . 5 . 17

Strongly recommend an aged lamb skewer with cumin and a beer right now. Thanks to @myasianfoodstory for the photo

24 . May . 17

Double clay pot noodle spread from @stephytchan

23 . May . 17

5 month Tamworths at Fred Price's beautiful farm in Somerset. Really interesting progressive farming using as much of the mixed arable land he has to keep them on a high protein natural outdoor diet as long as possible.

22 . May . 17

Salt crust grilled pollock, stuffed with lemongrass and galangal from @kernowsashimi on for lunch today.

22 . May . 17

Slow grilling perfect striped mullet from @hendersonseafood . The cavity is stuffed with a fragrant, turmeric curry paste. Suck out the head meat like a prawn, it's the best bit. Never happier than when gently grilling extremely fresh native fish.

21 . May . 17

Sai Oua, our version of the northern Thai herbal sausage is on the menu today. Sundays we serve 1pm - 8pm straight through. Thanks to @minismores for the photo.

21 . May . 17

@coombesheadfarm being perfect as ever.

21 . May . 17

Last night by @bobbieonthebeat (who is our in house butcher)

20 . May . 17

Our Burmese influenced short rib curry. We slow roast short rib and make the curry paste with goulrami (pickled fish) for extra tastiness. Thanks to @sulineats for the photo.

19 . May . 17
18 . May . 17

The next wave of lemongrass being grown for us on keveral farm in Cornwall is coming through. Couldn't believe how fragrant the tops were last season

17 . May . 17

Favourite kind of work meeting, new dishes on the horizon...

16 . May . 17

Our duck and aged soy clay pot is back on this evening. Photo by @benjaminmcmahon

16 . May . 17

Our tamworth pigs are coming in really nicely at the moment. Fred Price doing a Stirling job in somerset for us. He's started crossing with mangalitsa so over the next few years we can find the sweet spot of Tamworth flesh flavour and mangalitsa fat. Photo by @hkfoodislife

14 . May . 17

Northern style salad of turnip, fried prawns and kaffir leaf on this evening.

12 . May . 17

A lovely photo of last night by @hema_photography

11 . May . 17

Stir Fried Aged Duck. We've started taking Peking Aylesbury cross ducks from warrens farmers. They're hung for 3/4 weeks much longer than normal for a deep flavour. Then we stir fry them with a southern Thai dry chilli galangal and fermented shrimp paste alongside betel leaves and snake beans.

10 . May . 17

These fresh shiitake mushrooms are grown for us by @goodearthgrowers in Cornwall. They place spores inside decaying tree logs and then harvest them which is a weird thing to see. But very fresh mushrooms have a remarkably lighter, brighter flavour than older ones.

10 . May . 17

Slow grilled Striped Red Mullet stuffed with a fragrant curry paste over charcoal. We suggest eating the flesh and roe then suck the head meat like a prawn. These are on this evening, priced by weight. They were in the sea this time yesterday.

9 . May . 17

Howlin' Wolf screams the blues straight through Sundays 1pm - 9pm. Photo by @cole.andre

7 . May . 17

Slow Roasting Tamworth pig Jowls over charcoal for this evening. We serve them with a sweet and earthy fish sauce dressing with coriander root and sawtooth parsley

6 . May . 17

New dish today. Five Spice Duck & White Soy Claypot Noodles. Based on a yarowat road Thai x Chinese hybrid@lukiefarrell took us too last time we were in Bangkok. We simmer a five spice broth with all the good parts of the ducks innards along a wonderful aged white soy, so you have a fragrant gravy. Then roast in the claypot with greens for sweetness. We then use a very fine Japanese brown vinegar and ginger for fragrance. Been trailing it for a while now but finally got it right for this weekend.

6 . May . 17

Lightly cured langoustines with young ginger and kaffir lime juice being served today. Photo by @andyjones7

6 . May . 17

Red mullet in rigour in from Cornwall this morning. Sparkling fresh. We serve these fries with the roe in sour orange curry which has been cooked slowly on the coals for a more gentle turmeric flavour.

4 . May . 17

Nice bright smaller pollock from @kernowsashimi in this morning. We're stuffing them with curry paste and grilling them whole.

3. May. 17

John Fahey taking care of Friday pre service break

28 . Apr . 17

A north eastern style curry of turnips & nettle with fermented shrimp paste.

27 . Apr . 17

Last night. Photo by @food_stylist_

25 . Apr . 17

Tonight! @smokinggoatsoho . Take a look at the menu if a plate of duck offal skewers sounds like reasonable Monday evening fare to you.

24 . Apr . 17

The handiwork of @danprestonltd wearing in nicely. Photo by @plainisvictoria

24 . Apr . 17

Aged Lamb Skewers, something we trialed at @sohofoodfeast last year and on the menu everyday since. Thanks for the photo @myasianfoodstory

22 . Apr . 17

Banana leaf roast skate wing back on today. Thanks @llty24 for the photo

21 . Apr . 17

Roasting Peking Aylesbury cross ducks.

18 . Apr . 17

Pop up in full swing at @theadamandevee9. Collab with @bao_london @somsaa_london Lamb Grapow with Soy Cured Egg along with other snacks...

15 . Apr . 17

We are cooking @theadamandevee9 with 
@somsaa_london@bao_london. tomorrow from 1pm. Clay pot ngiew noodles with blood cake, aged lamb grapow with soy cured yolk and ice cream baos. All the food is free by the way. Should be fun.

14 . Apr . 17

Dived Scallop steamed with white soy, spicy northern style pork Laap and @gosspetemayfly wines. The correct approach to lunch. Cheers for coming by Pete.

13 . Apr . 17

We're on the particularly excellent @somethingcurated website at the moment. Do give it a read :

8 . Apr . 17

Picture of some Rainbow Juice - for obvious reasons

7 . Apr . 17

Cornish Mackerel stuffed with red curry and slow grilled over charcoal. Awesome stuff from @toufas , on the menu today. Whole lemon sole and Brill on later today

6 . Apr . 17

Working on a curried soup of smoked eel. Will be making an appearance on menus tomorrow.

4 . Apr . 17

Sundays 1pm - 8pm straight through. Dub spotting by @hkgbenet

2 . Apr . 17

Dived scallops from @hendersonseafood, steamed in the shell (on the fire) with white soy

31 . Mar . 17

Action shot from @nick_bramham . Wild Aussie juice and Hake Sour Curry in holy matrimony.

26 . Mar . 17

Northern Style Tamworth Laap on the menu this afternoon. Impromptu Laap day today, we're serving Beef Heart Laap with makqwen , Laos style pollock Laap. The don't look like much, but spicy, fragrant and tasty... the wisdom of brown food.

25 . Mar . 17

Barbecued Wild Mussels with an earthy jaew of Laos chillies, fermented fish and Corriander root.

24 . Mar . 17

Barbecued Tamworth Jowl with a tamarind nam Jim. Pretty much exactly as we ate it in a teak workers village in eastern Thailand. Don't order if you don't like fat.

23 . Mar . 17

Roasting Thai chillies to make the nam Jim jaew dipping sauce we serve along side a variety cuts from the Tamworth pigs.

22 . Mar . 17

Our Aged Lamb & Cumin Skewer. High definition centre fold money shot by @allthingsmeaty

17 . Mar . 17

An Isaan style grilled beef nam tok. We get warrens farmers to select chuck eye from their native breeds for us then we heavily age it. The result is deeply flavourful beef with enough texture to work in a nam dtok along side the rural paddy field flavours of fermented freshwater fish, little mouse shit chillies and bitter herbs. We make ours with a mix of lime and lemon juice, as we noticed the little key likes they use in eastern Thailand kinda taste like lemons. Thanks to @themeatcheat for the action shot.

16 . Mar . 17

New issue of @noblerotmag behind the bar. Lovely to be included alongside some revelatory quotes from Mr Coren. (If you've read it, you know what I'm talking about)

15 . Mar . 17

Good intensity on the pork belly and brown crab glass noodle shot here @_urangua_

13 . Mar . 17

The kiln hit parade (Photo : @yasuyoharvey)

9 . Mar . 17

Point End Brisket and Wild Ginger Curry on today. Based on kaeng hung lay, a northern Thai curry with a lot of influence from Indian spicing all the way through the Burmese border into Thailand. Thanks to @scottcaneat for the photo.

6 . Mar . 17

'Bonkers' from maverick Aussie juice maker Patrick Sullivan one of the 18 or so wines we're pouring by the glass today. We serve from 1pm straight through to 8pm on Sundays and these wilder things tend to go pretty quick. Thanks @alternapif for the photo.

5 . Mar . 17

Baked Glass Noodles with brown crab and Tamworth belly. Thanks @fatfoodbeast

3 . March . 17

We're serving from 1pm straight through to 8pm on Sundays. Come sit in front of our charcoal Taos. Photo: @martina_m_petronio

26 . Feb . 17

This 2014 Pinot Noir from Macea in northern Tuscany is the business. Pouring by the glass today.

25 . Feb . 17

Sour, pungent and very spicy Jungle Curry of Ling Cod from @Kernowsashimi on this evening

23 . Feb . 17

Langoustine lightly cured with kaffir lime juice, young ginger and birds eye chilli on today. Photo by @jordanleephoto

22 . Feb . 17

We're serving 1pm straight through to 8pm on Sundays. Nice spread @ceciliagzuniga

19 . Feb . 17

This is what a month or so worth of Tamworth pigs for Kiln looks like at warrens in Cornwall. These are bred and finished to our spec which means we can start the best quality best animals. Then our in house butcher makes sure we're using every bit of every animal, so we're able to pass that value on to the people who come an eat with us.

18 . Feb . 17

A pork belly and brown crab clay pot shaped lunch (Photo: @4telier)

17 . Feb . 17

Whole Salt Baked day boat fish for 2/3 to share , now on our daily menu as larger plate options.

16 . Feb . 17

Grilled Warrens beef with an Isaan style dressing of Meyer lemon, lime, fermented fresh water fish, mouse shit chillies, hot mint and roasted rice on today. Photo : @eatlondoff

15 . Feb . 17

Business as usual tonight, open for walk ins at he counter 12-2.30 / 5-10.30 (Photo: @taralezhkov )

14 . Feb . 17

Working on a few larger dishes for our tables downstairs at the moment, this is a grilled rib of beef with nam prik gapi (a fermented shrimp and chilli relish). We've also have whole salt baked bream and a few claypots for 3 or 4. Obviously @mcmoop was on the scene weeks ago - thanks for the photo Osh.

12 . Feb . 17

Sous chef @ianwoody85 bossing lunch service. We're serving 12-2.30 5 - 10.30 today.

11 . Feb . 17

Sai Oua , a smoked sausage made with turmeric and dry chilli typical to northern Thailand. We take around three whole rare breed pigs a week from Warrens farmers and our in house butcher makes sure we have Sai Oua on everyday. (Thanks to @kkrader for the photo)

10 . Feb . 17

Beautiful bottle from our wine list all selected by Zeren Wilson. Pinot Blanc from Alsace guru, Josmeyer. 35 year old vines, whole bunch pressed, natural yeasts. Certified biodynamic. (Photo + info: Zeren Wilson @bittenwritten)

8 . Feb . 17

Made up that we're in the @sundaytimesfood top 100 U.K. Restaurants. Lovely news to arrive back from Thailand to. Plenty of new ideas for us to get working on now.

5 . Feb . 17

Pla Thu - Horse Mackerel, a fish used widely in traditional Thai cuisine. On this evening, served with our jungle curry.

1 . Feb . 17

And a mind blowing meal of catfish Laap, maeng daa nam prik, fish roasted in banana leaf with lemongrass and chilli and dancing shrimp. Brilliant end to a day in Isaan with @fah_skybang lovely family

28 . Jan . 17

And this is the catch: dancing shrimp for laap salads, catfish for grilling, smaller perch like fish for pla raa (a freshwater type of fish sauce) and mud crabs also to be fermented and pounded through salads. Astonishing how all these characteristic flavours of Isaan cooking are derived from the microcosm of life which surrounds a muddy pond. Awesome to have @fah_skybang showing us how they make all work, @lukiefarrell 's teachings on Thai plants, @benjaminmcmahon snapping pics and now our sous chef @ianwoody85 is gonna cook.

28 . Jan . 17

Gone catfishing

28 . Jan . 17

Breakfast of chicken Laap and a sour soup and we're off to the farms in Bueng Kan where Isaan borders Laos.

28 . Jan . 17

Fresh khanon jeen with a couple of types of light curry broths. They also served a hand made dumpling like version of the same noodle with extra chewy deliciousness called 'hua Kai oho'

27 . Jan . 17

Stop off in mountainous Loei province in Isaan to eat some fresh Kanom jeen (fermented rice noodle). The noodle is a little more bouncy and sour when it's made to order.

27 . Jan . 17

On the long drive from chiang main south and the east through Isaan. Stopping off for slow grilled pork neck and fermented sausage in a tiny village built almost entirely from slabs of teak.

26 . Jan . 17

Breakfast of Hoi Toi skillet fried mussels (and oyster) omelettes this morning in Bangkok. Good to be back. We're heading up to Chiang Rai to start driving through Isaan tomorrow.

24 . Jan . 17

Lovely photograph @mattthelist of our aged lamb & cumin skewers. We use whole Cornish hoggett which have been finished to our specification and heavily dry aged for a deep fat and flesh flavour.

20 . Jan . 17

Awesome review in @telegraph on Sunday written by Keith Miller. "It's absolutely coherent and true to itself. Dishes are two or three flavours, European tastes (notably lashings of lemon balm) work perfectly alongside the sour-sweet-salty-spicy flavours of south-east asia"

16 . Jan . 17

A barbecue jungle.

14 . Jan . 17

These guys are back on the menu tomorrow: sweet native mylor shrimp fried with northern Thai Laap spices. Our thanks to for the great photo and lovely write up.

12 . Jan . 17

A laos style curry of John Dory on the menu this evening. We finish this curry with fresh 'mouse shit' chillies for their heat and citrusy flavours.

9 . Jan . 17

Grilled Loin from the whole mangalitsa pigs we take from warrens farmers in Cornwall. Every part of the pig we get we use in house. We're serving 1pm - 8pm today. { great photo @scottcaneat }

8 . Jan . 17

Beef Heart Laap with Macquen Pepper, roasted chillies and cumin . This is the wetter style of Laap we ate to the north of chiang mai last year. (Photo: @foodscout)

7 . Jan . 17

Beautiful, bright mackerel in from Cornwall this morning. These will be flashed in our woks with a dry red curry with birds eye and orange chillies

4 . Jan . 17

Back in action from 5pm today (closed for lunch)

3 . Jan . 17

Claypot baked glass noodles with mangalitsa belly and brown crab meat - served everyday - (Photo : @citygirlmunchies )

19 . Dec . 16

Black Queen Scallops with white soy on this evening. Thanks to @wildharbour ( and @bao_london for the soy!)

17 . Dec . 16

Turbot Sour Orange Curry. Hefty tranches from 4kg turbot supplied to us by @kernowsashimi

14 . Dec . 16

Kiln is the "Thai barrafina" according to this edition of @codehospitality . No praise higher in my book, thanks guys.

12 . Dec . 16

Lovely Pink Bream from wild harbour, Cornwall in today, we'll serve these this evening. If you're into seafood we have mackerel, red mullet, whole crab & langoustines on the menu today.

1 . Dec . 16

Grilled Crab with Muoi Tieu Chanh, a salt and pepper dipping sauce from Vietnam.

24 . Nov . 16

Baking glass noodles with brown crab and Tamworth pork belly. We use a 30 year old shaoxing rice wine in there too.

10. Nov . 16

Outrageously perfect red mullet, in this morning. They can be a little prawny when not super fresh, but these are still in rigour and the flavour is beautiful. To be severed with a light Turmeric curry this evening. We also have equally exciting brill and wild bass to be served steamed with soy and kaffir.

29 . Oct . 16

Ox Heart Laap with Tumeric leaf on this evening and we're serving roast suckling pig with whole steamed wild bass for a larger booking downstairs. If you're interested in booking for a larger plates meal downstairs drop us a line on

23 . Oct . 16

Laos style Laap of fish with fried lemongrass. Not much of a looker but tasty and hot.

3 . Oct . 16

Southern Thai Sour Yellow Curry of Mussels. Aromatic and bitter with loads of fresh tumeric and sweet Cornish mussels. On today

1 . Oct . 16

Beautiful, firm, bright and perfect Mackerel in yesterday morning from Cornwall. We served these as a Khua Kling a southern Thai type of dry red curry, cooked in our charcoal woks, with Chinese chive, fresh kaffir and three types of chilli. Really simple food, really beautiful fresh ingredients to cook with.

30 . Sep . 16

A herbal and pungent Long Pepper & Tamworth Tenderloin Curry with Holy Basil . Holy basil grown by @lukiefarrell Ryewater plants is really good.

29 . Sep . 16

The new issue of @thegourmand is out today. There's a lovely piece called 'Borderlands' included which we contributed to whilst on a recent research trip to the northern Thai borders researching recipes for Kiln with the immensely talented @benjaminmcmahon . Reading it is making me wish we were back there already.

29 . Sep . 16

An Isaan salad of fresh shiitake grown in Cornwall

27 . Sep . 16

Cockles & Fermented Shrimp with lemongrass grown by Sean O'neil for us on Keveral Farm, Cornwall. The lemongrass is really fragrant when this fresh, we're really enjoying practicing dishes with Sean's produce this week.

26 . Sep . 16

Aged Lamb & Cumin Skewers. Thanks to the special work the guys at Warrens Farmers in Cornwall do, we can take whole Hogget which has been heavily fattened and then can be aged for 5 weeks or more. The extra fat cover protects the flesh during aging and keeps the texture soft on deeper flavour meat. There's nothing else like aged lamb fat.

25 . Sep . 16

Our engine room.

25 . Sep . 16

Simple dish of sweet langoustine, fresh kaffir lime and young ginger

24 . Sep . 16

Getting Close

17 . Sep . 16

Clay Pot Baked Crab & Glass Noodle with Mangalitsa Belly. Fragrant and peppery

10 . Sep . 16

Khao Dtom / Mangalitsa & Young Ginger Rice Soup. For the prevention and cure of whiskey hangovers.

3 . Sep . 16